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“Reborn From Xibalba”

Have you ever wondered what could be beyond this life?
Do you believe that there is some kind of realm,
like a heaven or a hell; or that there’s nothing more?
We may even be experiencing something we already did before.

What if what we know as “Life” is not as short as it seems?
And if it’s just an apex of a path, where would it lead?
Life is such an ephemeral task; Where we get attached
to things as if they were meant to last.
As the rising sun will eventually set,
a once born life will inevitably fade.
Everything in this world flows around and circulates;
Panta Rhei

Life flashes bright, then it wilts away.
But, what if we could live forever?
We're too old to know the beginning,
and too young to get to know the end.

What if that we call “Death” is not the very end,
but the beginning of something else?

Death is the road to awe!
The engine that keeps everything in motion:
Endowing the attribute of making eternal those who pass away,
in the memory of the living ones;
a way to overcome the weaknesses of a fluctuating universe.

Our journey is limitless,
our souls are everlasting.
So, fear not;
death turns all to ashes, death frees every soul.
And amidst the darkest ashes the strongest seeds grow.

Through death we shall reborn.
Immortality lies in death as an act of creation,
And all we need to do is to take a single sip from the Tree of Life’s sap.

When our day finally arrives,
the two sides of the coin will eventually face.
That’s when life and death embrace,
departing our soul towards Xibalba,
waiting for our time to be reborn,
once more
and together… we shall live forever!


from Storytales 2​.​0, released September 26, 2013



all rights reserved


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